Uploading Large Files to HydroShare

HydroShare offers a mechanism to upload files of arbitrarily large size and create associated HydroShare resources (in contrast to many http-based environments that limit file sizes that can be uploaded - e.g. see here). HydroShare uses iRODS (integrated Rule-Oriented Data System - an open-source data middleware) to handle large files. A user creates an iRODS account, uses a third party software to load files to iRODS, which can then be accessed from the users HydroShare account. The following are instructions on how to accomplish this.

Step One. Create an iRODS User Account Associated with Your HydroShare User Account

Once you have a HydroShare user account, proceed to your HydroShare user profile and choose the pencil icon in the upper right of the screen to edit your profile.  Then choose “Create your iRODS user account” on the left underneath your HydroShare user profile picture to create your corresponding HydroShare iRODS User account. 

Step Two. Use a 3rd-party iRODS Client Like CyberDuck To Access Your HydroShare iRDOS User Account

There are separate instructions for how to use a 3rd-party iRODS client like CyberDuck to access your HydroShare iRODS User Area found here.

Follow these instructions and/or use the iRODS client of your preference and upload your arbitrarily large file(s), and/or any size files, into your HydroShare iRODS User Account area.

Step Three: Create A New Resource Within HydroShare, And Load Files From Your HydroShare iRODS User Area

You can load big files from your HydroShare iRODS User Area into a new or existing HydroShare resource by navigating to the landing page of the resource. (To create a new resource, log into HydroShare, and click on “Create” to the left of your profile photo on the top right of the home page.)  On the resource landing page, click on the pencil edit icon on the top right for edit mode, then scroll down to the file browser area. Click on ‘iRODS” drop down list, and select “Log in to iRODS” to bring up the dialog as shown below. In addition to entering your credentials, enter “users.hydroshare.org” for the “Host:”, “1247” for the “Port:”, and “hydroshareuserZone” for the “Zone:”

If your login to HydroShare iRODS User Area was successful, next select “Add files from iRODS” as shown below and select the files you wish to add to the HydroShare Resource. When confirmed, the files selected from iRODS should be added to this resource.


You have now successfully ingested an arbitrarily large file or files into HydroShare and created a HydroShare resource based on it/them. If you would like to access additional helpful information about iRODS, please see here.


These instructions also work for ingesting any size files (i.e. small or large) from your HydroShare iRODS User Area into HydroShare.