Sharing Resources with a User or Group

If you want to share a resource with an individual user or group within HydroShare, navigate to the Resource’s landing page and click on the Manage Access button.

In the Manage Access Panel, select either the “Users” or “Groups” button at the bottom of the page and start typing in a name until the HydroShare user or Group appears. Then, use the box next to the text area to select which permission to add for the user or group.  Finally, click the “Add” button. You can always see who has access to your resource on the manage access panel. Note that to make a resource visible in the Community view, it must be Public and shared with a Group that is a member of that Community.

Can View – The user or group can view and access the content of the resource.
Can Edit – The user or group can view, access, and edit the content of the resource.
Is Owner – The user has all permissions for the resource including publishing and deleting.

If you have granted permissions to a user, you will notice there are two icons that allow you to undo the previous action for permission granted or delete the permission granted indefinitely.