Share and Manage Access

When you upload data to HydroShare, you control who can access your resources. You can:

  • Keep your resources private
  • Share your resources publicly for anyone to access
  • Share with individual HydroShare users or user groups
  • Formally publish your resource when your work is complete and register a formal, citable digital object identifier (DOI) for your resource.
  • Create a private link for collaborators to view and access your resource while it is still private or discoverable. 

Share the resource with other HydroShare users or group

To manage access, click on the small blue person and plus sign small person icon with a plus sign icon in the top right corner of the resource landing page. Individuals and groups with access to the resource are shown in the “Who has access” panel. Users may view, edit, or own a resource. There must always be an owner for the resource. 


Can view allows users to access the resource and download content.
Can edit gives permission to make changes to the metadata and files.
Is owner allows users to control sharing status of and delete the resource.

Sharing Status

NOTE: You will only be able to change sharing status if you have a title, an abstract, at least 1 keyword, and at least 1 file in the content section. 


Private- A "private" resource cannot be discovered by anyone except the user who created it.

Discoverable- A "discoverable" resource can be viewed by anyone in HydroShare, but only users with permission can access the content files.

Public - A "public" resource can be viewed and accessed by anyone. The resource may not be final, may be subject to change, could be deleted, and is not formally published.

Shareable - This check box allows or prevents other users from sharing the resource, e.g., as part of a collection of resources.

Screencapture of Sharing status panel. The header says "Sharing status" and below are three buttons, which say from left to right "Public", "Discoverable", and Private". Below a box is checked next to the word "Shareable".

Give Access

To share a resource with specific HydroShare users or groups:

  1. Toggle the appropriate button to search from existing Users or Groups
  2. Type in the name of a user or group and select from the options that appear
  3. Click on the dropdown to choose the permission level
  4. Click Add

Screencapture of "Give Access" panel, containing a button to switch between adding Users and Groups, and a drop down with the options "can View", "can Edit", and "Is Owner". Beside the dropdown menu is a green button that says "Add".

Link Sharing

Users can generate a private link to a private or discoverable resource that can be shared with collaborators. The button to generate this link will be available in edit mode on the resource, in the sharing and access panel.The shareable check box has explanatory text below it that says "Check the box to let any user (including anonymous not logged in) with the link access the resource. This capability is to enable resources still private to be shared with journal paper reviewers while a paper citing the resource is under review.". The link that is generated will never expire, until the resource is made public or private link sharing is disabled. 

A portion of the manage access pop up, which contains the selectable buttons "Public", "Discoverable", and "Private". Below these buttons are the checkable boxes, "shareable" and "enable private link sharing". Enable private link sharing has a paragraph below that is written out in the text above this image.


The final panel in the sharing access dialogue will indicate how much storage the resource consumes. Each hydroShare user is initially allocated 20 GB of storage. The quota holder (the user for whom the resource is consuming storage) can be transferred between owners of the resource. 


Published - A "published" resource is finished and formally published. Published resources receive citable digital object identifiers (DOIs) and users can no longer modify content or metadata. Ensure that your resource is complete before publication. Published resources can be discovered and accessed by the public. See here for more details.

To publish a resource, first share it as public, exit out of the Manage Access panel, and click the publish icon Small global icon.