Recent Upgrades

We deploy updates to HydroShare frequently to add new functionality, fix issues, respond to user suggestions and improve the system.  Generally, releases are deployed sometime between 8 am and 10 am Eastern time on Tuesdays. Releases typically involve some system downtime.  This downtime is announced in advance to users who have recently logged in to HydroShare. If you have an activity using HydroShare that may be impacted by downtime, please contact  

The HydroShare code is open source with development managed using GitHub You can report bugs or see code details for each release at  

HydroShare 1.25.3 

September 10, 2019

Hotfix bug fix.

  • Close a vulnerability to resource URLs being corrupted when a resource was named “Resource”.  

Changes users will see

  • To prevent resource corruption, users are no longer able to name a resource as “Resource”.

HydroShare 1.25.2 

August 29, 2019

Hotfix bug fixes

  • Improved management command to delete database file entries that do not have corresponding files on disk and repair resources in an inconsistent state created prior to the 1.25.1 fix.
  • Corrected problem creating bags and zipping aggregations introduced by a merge conflict in a previous release.  

Changes users will see

  • Resources previously in an inconsistent state should be repaired so that users are no longer blocked from adding files to these resources.
  • Users should be able to create bags for all resources and download zip files for all aggregations.  

HydroShare 1.25.1 

August 27, 2019

Hotfix bug fix

  • Corrected problem of composite resource getting into an inconsistent state that blocked adding files after a file aggregation had been deleted.

Changes users will see

  • Users should be able to add files to a resource after a file aggregation has been deleted.

HydroShare 1.25 

August 20, 2019

What’s New

  • Functionality for creation of content type aggregations has been changed to retain the folder structure provided by the user.  The functionality that created a folder to hold a content type aggregation for aggregations with multiple files has been removed.  This is so that scripts that relied on a specific folder structure will not be broken by content aggregation. This applies to both manual and automatically created aggregations.
  • Functionality has been added to establish Open Geospatial Consortium standard web services (web map service, web feature service, web coverage service) for public resources holding geographic feature and geographic raster content types.  This enables this content to be consumed by third party applications, including ArcGIS Online and ArcMap.

Changes users will see

  • Existing content type aggregations created using the prior aggregation functionality will now have the folder that was created shown in the resource landing page.  Users can move the content type aggregation out of the folder if they so desire.
  • Resource landing pages will show web service endpoints.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a problem in the connectivity with MyGeoHub that affected launching the GABBS Multispec image processing app.
  • We’ve disabled automatic construction of Hyperlinks in comments to reduce spam and inappropriate use of comments for promotion
  • We’ve fixed an issue with single file download for reference time series
  • There have been efficiency improvements

HydroShare 1.24.2 

July 12, 2019

What’s new

  • A back end management command for setting quota holder has been added (not visible to users)

HydroShare 1.24.1 

July 9, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Model Instance Resource template omitted in 1.24 restored

HydroShare 1.24 

July 2, 2019

What’s new

  • REST API endpoints have been added for Aggregations and Discover functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected URL of RDF namespace in resourcemetadata.xml
  • Improved performance of resource landing page editing by removing some page refresh functionality
  • Moved resources from iRODS user zone to iRODS data zone to simplify iRODS federation functionality
  • Added capability to allow non-ascii special characters in author and title fields
  • Addressed inconsistency in the display of authors names

HydroShare 1.23.2 

June 14, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed functionality inviting users to join groups   

Note that release number 1.23.1 was skipped as it was incorrectly tagged and never deployed, 1.23.2 was correctly tagged and deployed.

HydroShare 1.23 

May 28, 2019

What’s new

  • A user homepage has been added.  Upon logging in users land on this page that holds recently visited resources, getting started links for new users, featured apps and links to CUAHSI Water Data Services
  • Streamlined create process. When signed in there is a new “Create” button in the top navigation menu.  Click on this to select the resource type. After entering a title for the resource you are immediately taken to the resource landing page where you can add files and edit metadata.

Bug fixes

  • Improved messages users receive when problems are encountered, such as due to duplicate names
  • Recent activity in groups changed to be from last to first
  • Corrected user type formatting on user profile page
  • Editing of spatial coverage place/area name fixed
  • Redirect to the entry (e.g. resource) page after login fixed
  • Adding users in Internet Explorer browser corrected
  • Improved handling of special characters

1.22 Deployed 4/30/2019

The 1.22 release introduces the following improvements and fixes

  • Better handling of special characters in README files and user names
  • Improvements in profile page loading times
  • Proper display of modified date on the Discover page
  • Not visible to users, there is underlying back end work on the development and deployment processes and to prepare for improvements to group collaboration functionality to serve Critical Zone Observatory needs that will be included in a future release.

1.21 Deployed 4/2/2019

The 1.21 release provides backend and user experience improvements. Notably:

  • Page load times to display the My Resources page has been improved - more than halving the page load time.
  • Page load time for resource landing pages has been improved.
  • Messages associated with related resources have been made more descriptive to provide guidance and encourage better content for this metadata.
  • The REST API can be used to add funding agency and related metadata content.
  • A script for migrating generic to composite resources has been deployed.  This will enable a system administrator to migrate generic to composite resources.  Plans as to when to run this script are still under development pending further testing and notification of users.  
  • A number of small bugs have been fixed.

1.20.1 Deployed 3/12/19

The 1.20.1 release was a hotfix to correct an error in the comment fields available that was introduced in 1.20.

1.20 Deployed 3/12/2019

The 1.20 release includes several system backend, user experience and display improvements and bug fixes.  Notably:

  • Code was added to enable heapmetrics monitoring of system use to help us understand and improve the user experience.
  • Indicator triangles were added to the My Resources page to indicate sorting.
  • The button for copying a resource bag to iRODS was moved to be located with other buttons.
  • Bugs in the open with functionality were corrected so that users can now configure web app resources to connect to and open external web apps from resources, content type aggregations and individual files.
  • System messages were improved in several locations.

1.19.1 Deployed 2/26/19

1.19.1 was an incremental release to correct long resource landing page load times encountered following the 1.19 deploy.  This also included a separate SOLR container for each worker to reduce the downtime associated with SOLR indexing during deployments.

1.19 Deployed 2/19/19.  

The 1.19 release includes a revamp of the resource landing page that reorganizes and clarifies the presentation of metadata (the information that describes your data or models).The resource landing page redesign includes:

  1. Summary metadata at the top reorganized to show, size content type sharing status and statistics on views, downloads and comments.
  2. Reorganization of the content area to better associate content metadata in a side panel with content type folders and files.  
  3. Rendering of readme files, formatted as either plain text (readme.txt) or markdown (
  4. Grouping of buttons for acting on files and folders into a single toolbar at the top of the content area.
  5. Reorganization of all access control and sharing functionality into a single manage access window.  This includes the functionality for making resources public.
  6. Removal of tabs for authorship, related resources, web apps, extended and content metadata below the content area.  This content is now directly on the resource landing page, except for web apps. Available web apps are no longer displayed on the resource landing page and need to be discovered using the Discover page.

Content Panel Reorganization

File-level metadata, the metadata associated with individual files and supported content types is now organized on the right side of the Content section, with an option to collapse and expand the metadata panel. Also, notice the download icons: to download a single file and   to download a zipped bagit of all files.

Manage Access To Your Data

Manage the sharing status of the resource by clicking on the Manage Access icon as circled below:

  • Change the sharing status between public, discoverable, private
  • Set viewing, editing, or owning access permissions for other users
  • Change the resource to shareable or not shareable. Shareable allows other users to enable further users to access the resource at the same permission level they hold.
  • View and change the quota holder.  This is the user against whose quota the resource size is tallied.

1.18.1 Deployed 2/6/19

Correct a problem with use tracking.

1.18  Deployed 12/18/18

The 1.18 release includes the following:

  • Add file set as a content type aggregation, this provides the capability to add metadata to folders in a composite resource.
  • Corrected bugs in spatial coverage details, discover and my resource lists and web apps.  

1.17 Deployed 11/27/18

The 1.17 release updated the Django platform software used from version 1.11 to 1.18.

For details of earlier releases refer to github