Search for Data and Models

The discover page in HydroShare has been designed for you to find public (completely open) and discoverable (only metadata open) resources in HydroShare.  You do not need a HydroShare account to use the Discover page.  To navigate to the Discover page, click on ‘Discover’ on the header of any HydroShare page.

Searching Capabilities

  • Narrow the date range

Narrow the date range to search for resources with temporal coverage that overlaps the range input. If you specify a temporal coverage range, the search will return only resources that have temporal coverage specified.

  • Zoom into an area of interest

Click on the Map tab, then use the mouse and/or map buttons to navigate to the area of interest.  With the mouse, one can click-and-drag, use the scoll wheel, and double click the left or right mouse buttons.

  • Apply Filter Options

Use the Filter categories to filter by Author, Subject, Resource Type, Owner, Variable, Sample Medium, Units Name, and/or Availability. The filter categories show the available options and the number of resources tagged with that associated term. All filter terms are user-defined text, except for the Availability filter. The Availability filter includes three options:

  1. Discoverable: metadata is public but data is protected
  2. Published: data is formally published with a DOI
  3. Public: metadata and data are public
  • Type into the search box

Type into the search box to search for matches in resource metadata.