Search for Data and Models, the Discover Page

To search for resources uploaded by users, visit HydroShare’s Discover page. On the Discover page, you will find both public (completely open) and discoverable (metadata only; data available upon request) resources. Formally published resources with a digital object identifier (DOI) are public and will also appear on the Discover page. You do not need a HydroShare account to use the Discover page. 

Searching Capabilities

Search by Spatial Coverage

At the top of the discover page, there is a button that says “Show Map”. To visually search for data associated with a geographic location, click the “Show Map” button. Circles will appear where data is available. Clicking on the circles will zoom you to a closer area and will eventually show individual markers for datasets. Click on the markers to access the dataset associated with each marker.

Screencapture, Heading says "Discover". Below the heading there is a grey button that says "Show Map"

Screencapture, an inset map under the "Discover" heading. On the map in the top left corner are grey buttons that say "Map" and "Satellite". In the lower right are plus and minus buttons for zooming in and out. two yellow icons on the map with the numbers 28 and 12 indicate the location of a dataset store within hydroshare. Below the map is the text "Map display shows only the center points for resources that contain spatial coverage that are listed in the page displayed below. Filter, change page, or adjust the order of the resources shown on the list below to see their locations on the map" Below this there is a button that says "Hide Map"

To stop viewing the map click the “Hide Map” button.


Search by Date Range

Narrow the date range to search for resources with temporal coverage that overlaps the range input. If you specify a temporal coverage range, the search will return only resources that have temporal coverage that overlaps with the period between the start and end date you specify. Clicking on the start date or end date text boxes will bring up a calendar that allows you to choose a date.

Screencapture, a box that says "Temporal Coverage Filter" with a drop down calendar showing the month of September 2021.

Apply Filter and Sorting Options

Use the Filter categories on the left side of the page to filter by Author, Owner, Subject, Contributor, Type, and Availability. The list of resources returned by your search options can also be sorted by Title (alphabetical), First Author (alphabetical by last name), Date Created, and Date Last Modified.

Free Text Metadata Search

Type a search term into the search box at the top of the page to search for matches in resource metadata. Once you enter a term, hit Enter on your keyboard to initiate the search. If an author does not appear initially in the Author filter box, this does not necessarily mean that there are no resources by that author in HydroShare. The search filters list the top 20 items with the most resources in HydroShare subject to search terms that have been entered into the search box. If you want to search for an author and that author does not appear in the Author Filter box, type the last name of the author you are looking for into the search box and hit Enter. 

Add a Resource to Your “My Resources” Page

If you find a resource on the Discover page that you would like to access again without searching for it, you can click on the title for that resource to visit the landing page for the resource and then use the “Add to my resources” icon that appears at the top right of the resource’s landing page, pictured below. Once you have clicked the icon, it will turn green to indicate that the resource will now appear in your My Resources list. 

Screencapture, two icons below the "Open with" dropdown button. Circled on the left a small file tray icon indicating the "add to my resources" function, on the right an icon of two sheets of paper indicating the copy a resource function.

Copy a Resource

If you discover a resource that you want to make a copy of, which may include resources that you or other HydroShare users created, click on the title for that resource on the Discover page to visit the landing page for that resource and select the “Copy this resource” icon, pictured below.

Screencapture, two icons below the "Open with" dropdown button. On the left is a small file tray icon indicating the "add to my resources" function. Circled on the right an icon of two sheets of paper indicating the copy a resource function.

You will then be prompted to accept the license agreement for the resource you are copying. Once you accept the license, a complete copy of the resource will be created, including the content files for the resource. The copy will then appear in your resources list on your My Resources page.