Permanently Publish

IMPORTANT!  You should view publishing a resource the same as publishing a research paper. Once published, you can no longer change a resource's content or metadata description. Please make sure you are ready to publish your resource before you use the following steps.

Before you Publish a Resource

  1. Remember that you can no longer change a resource's content or metadata description so it is important to ensure all metadata fields are filled in as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Note that to formally publish, you must have a complete profile page with all required fields filled out.

Permanently Publish a Resource and Obtain a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Navigate to the landing page of the resource and click on the “Publish” button. Note that the Publish button is only displayed for resources that are Public and for users who have complete profile information.

You must agree to the terms of the HydroShare data publication agreement and then you will be able to click the “Publish” button. Once you have done this, your resource will be published with a citable DOI, which will be displayed in the “How to Cite” block on your resource’s landing page.

It may take a little time for the DOI registration to complete, so please be patient. As soon as it is complete, it will show up on the landing page of your resource.

NOTE:  If you make a mistake publishing a resource, a HydroShare administrator (contact can delete the resource and work with CrossRef to disassociate the DOI link. However, if you want to keep the resource files, you are responsible for downloading or copying them before the resource is deleted. You may also upload them to a new resource and publish that when you are ready.