Jupyter Notebook Viewer

View Jupyter Notebooks in Markdown

nbviewer is a web application that lets you enter the URL of a Jupyter Notebook file, renders that notebook as a static HTML web page, and gives you a stable link to that page which you can share with others. nbviewer also supports browsing collections of notebooks (e.g., in a GitHub repository) and rendering notebooks in other formats (e.g., slides, scripts).

nbviewer is an open source project under the larger Project Jupyter initiative along with other projects like Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, and JupyterHub.

Note that nbviewer does not execute notebooks. It only renders the inputs and outputs saved in a notebook document as a web page.

Use Jupyter Notebook Viewer with HydroShare

The notebook viewer can be accessed from the HydroShare approved apps page or by entering https://nbviewer.org/ in your browser. 

Jupyter notebooks stored in HydroShare can be launched into the notebook viewer by right clicking on the notebook in the contents section, and selecting "Jupyter Notebook Viewer". Users can also right click the notebook, and select "get file URL" and paste the file URL into the search bar on the Jupyter Notebook Viewer home page. The contents section of a HydroShare resource. The cursor hovers over an orange jupyter notebook file that has been right clicked to reveal a dropdown with 6 options. The options are Download, Download zipped, get file URL, jupyter notebook viewer, cybergis Jupyter for water, and CUAHSI jupyterhub. Red sqaures have been placed around options getfile URL and Jpuyter notebook viewer, in order to draw attention to them.

Extended documentation on the notebook viewer can be found here