Referenced Time Series

A referenced time series content aggregation holds a JSON (Javascript object notation) file referencing one or more time series hosted on a CUAHSI’s HydroServer. This content type is useful for any users who want to make any of the time series that have been shared in the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System discoverable in HydroShare. Referenced time series content may be created by either importing a refts.json file, which can be generated by the CUAHSI data client


A .refts.json file holding reference information pointing to a time series is loaded to a HydroShare resource:

 a reft.json file titled "hobbie_sites_formatted_version1.0.refts.json

HydroShare recognizes this as a referenced time series file, reading metadata from it to set the resource level Title, Abstract, Authors, Keywords and Coverage if they have not been set already. These metadata elements are also set for the referenced time series content. 

A time series file int he contents section with the same title as the file above. A popup text box to the right of the file contains the title, "Type: Json", "Size: 1.6 KB" and the text "Referenced Time Series Content: a reference to one or more time series served from HydroServers outside of HydroShare in WaterML format.