My Resources

The My Resources Page

The link to the My Resources page is located in the main navigation at the top of each HydroShare page and is always visible regardless of what HydroShare webpage you are on. My Resources is where you can view resources you have created, added, copied, or favorited, as well as resources that have been shared with you. Your collections will also appear here. The tabular view lists each resource on a separate row. If you want to view the landing page for a resource, you can click on the title of the resource in the table.

 The "My Resources" landing page. One central box and two side boxes appear on the page. The main box contains one collection and two resources, and has the headeres "Types", "Title", "First Author", "Date Created", and "Last modified". The reources within the main box are titled "Test collection", "[Example Resource] Temperature Effects on nutrient cycling on Coastal Aquifers", and "Test Resource".  The auhtor of all resources is Clara Cogswell. To the left of the main box are the filter and labels boxes. Filter is above labels, and contains the filter options "Owned by me", "Shared with me", "added by me", "favorites", and "recently updated". Below this box is the labels box, which contains no labels.

Sorting and Filtering

Over time users often accumulate a large number of resources and collections. You can do the following to find resources within the My Resources list view:  

    • Sort Resources
      You can sort your resources by type, alphabetically by title, alphabetically by author last name, by the date created, and by most recent modification at the file level by clicking on the small arrows next to each column in the table.

  • Filter Resources

Use the filter boxes on the left of the list view to selectively view your resources by ownership, sharing status, added by you, favorites, and recently updated. Select the star icon to the left of the resource title in the list view to favorite  a resource. 

  • Search Resources

  • You can type a search term in the Search box at the top of the page and hit Enter to search for resources with metadata that match one or more search terms. Clicking on the down arrow at the right side of the search box enables you to enter more specific search terms to search by resource type, author, or subject keyword. If you don’t use one of the more specific search criteria, HydroShare will show any resources where there is a match between your search term and any of the resource’s metadata values.

Create Labels

The labels small tag iconfeature allows you to further sort and filter your data through user made categories. To create a label click the label icon at the top left of the page. Once a label has been created, it will appear under the labels field, pictured below. To label a resource, select the tag shaped icon to the left of the resource title in the list view. You will then be prompted to choose which label to assign to the resource. If you select the label in the labels box, only the resources with the selected label will appear in the list view.

The labels box, containing 1 user created label: "Test content". The number two to the right of the label indicates that there are two resources that meet this requirement.

Bulk Operations for Resources

It can be tedious to favorite, label, or delete each resource individually. To make this easier, HydroShare provides functionality for favoriting, labeling, and deleting multiple resources at one time. There is a check box next to each resource in the tabular list view of resources that can be used to select multiple resources at one time. Once a set of resources is selected, the buttons at the top of the tabular view of resources can be used to label, favorite, or delete the selected resources.

3 icons, a blue tag, a yellow star, and a red trashcan.