Our metric tracking system is a work in progress. As HydroShare usage grows, our understanding of how users interact with the system is expanding. This information helps developers support and improve HydroShare.  

Usage Metrics tracked in HydroShare include: Number of resources stored, number of resources downloaded, size of resources stored (GB), CPU hours of computational jobs run, number of logons, average duration of session. Metrics for tracking of educational use and for tracking citations to HydroShare resources have not yet been developed and will be developed for future releases.

User Types include: University Faculty, University Professional or Research Staff, Postdoctoral Fellow, University Graduate Student, University Undergraduate Student, Commercial/Professional, Government Official, School Student K-12, School Teacher K-12, Other, Unspecified.

Geographic Location Includes each state in the US and each country in the world with registered users.

Resource Types include: Composite Resource, Web app Resource, Collection Resource.

Composite Resource Type may include the following aggregation types: Single FileTime Series, Reference Time SeriesGeographic Feature Set, Geographic Raster, Multidimensional Space Time Array (netcdf), Model Instance, Model Program

Sharing Status includes:  Private, public, discoverable, and published

Definitions of terms

Active user:  a user who performed at least one action on HydroShare in the last year.

Session duration: start time is the time from first log on, end time is the last click before the user logs off, closes the browser, or the session times out.  The click of logging off or closing the browser, or the session timing out is not counted to avoid long sessions when a user is idle and leaves the browser open.   Logging in after the session has timed out will be logged as a new session.