Creating Resource Versions

Creating a new version of a resource creates a new snapshot copy of the existing resource as a totally separate resource. The old version is still available in HydroShare so you can reference it, but it cannot be edited. Only the newest version of a resource will be discoverable via the HydroShare search interface. 

New resource versions have thier own content and unique identifier. You can make whatever modifications you want to the new version. The new version will contain a link back to the previous version and the previous version will have a link to the next version. Versioning can be repeated resulting in a sequence of multiple versions each linked to the next and previous versions. Only the most recent version can be edited or deleted. If you delete the most recent version, the previous version becomes the most recent and will then become editable.

To create a new version of a resource, click on the “Create New Version” button on the resource’s landing page.

You will receive a warning about how new versions work. Click the “Create New Version” button to dismiss this. When the new version has been created, you will notice a link to the older version just below the title of the resource. The old version will also have a link to the new version so you can traverse forward and back in the version chain.