Discovering Resources

Discovery in HydroShare is designed to allow users to discover public and discoverable items published by other users. Whereas the My Resources  page lists resources owned by the user, the Discovery page lists resources not owned by the current user, but made available for download or discovery by other HydroShare users. Discover resources using search and filter by:

  • Resource type
  • Authors
  • Keywords
  • Full text search of descriptions
  • Map location
  • Time of measurements

Discovery begins by typing in the searchbox up top for a keyword or subject to be studied. The user can also specify the date range of interest for measurements. The search results can be displayed as a List or on the Map. Users can toggle back and forth between the List and the Map.

The List pane allows searches by keyword and setting filters on searches, as determined by the left-side pane that allows users to refine a search depending on Author, Subject, Resource Type, Owner, and Availability.

The Map pane allows selection of resources by map location and discovering the coverages of specific kinds of data. This pane changes to show resources at the current zoom level of the map. Regions can be specified by name and the map will zoom to them. By zooming, one can filter search results to a specific geographic region.