Geographic Feature

The Geographic Feature content type is a set of point, line, or polygon features stored in the ESRI shapefile format, which is comprised of multiple physical files. At minimum, the .dbf, .shp, and .shx files must be included. Other shapefile component files (.cpg, .prj, .sbn, .sbx, .xml, .fbn, .fbx, .ain, .aih, .atx, .ixs, .mxs) may also be present and should be added to HydroShare where available. Note that all files associated with the shapefile should be uploaded at the same time. Each of these files stores a different type of data such as the vector coordinates, spatial coordinate system information, attribute data, and metadata. For more information, visit ESRI’s Shapefile documentation.


The below files corresponding to the “CubOutlet” shapefile are added to a HydroShare resource (e.g., by dragging and dropping them onto the content area of the file browser on the Resource Landing Page).

Screencapture a list of files required for hydroshare to automatically recognize a shapefile. The files are: CubOutlet.cpg, CubOutlet.dbf, CubOutlet.prj, CubOutlet.sbn, CubOutlet.sbx, CubOutlet.shp, CubOutlet.shx.

HydroShare automatically recognizes the group of files as a shapefile and converts them into Geographic Feature content stored in a folder depicted with a geographic feature symbol. Metadata is automatically read from the shapefile and set for the content within the resource.

The contents section containing a geographic feature called "CubOutlet" With the metadata field open on the right to the title and keywords section.

When the content aggregation is selected, metadata is displayed in the right panel of the file browser. The metadata may be edited when the resource is in edit mode.

Opening the folder by double clicking on it shows the shapefile’s member files.

The 7 files above, contained within the Cuboutlet Geographic feature in the contents section, the file tree at the top contains "Contents/Cuboutlet".