Getting Started

Getting Started

HydroShare is an online, collaborative Hydrologic Information System for sharing and publishing a broad set of hydrologic data types, models, and code. It enables people to collaborate in a high performance computing environment, thereby enhancing hydrologic research, education, and application of hydrologic knowledge. HydroShare is being developed by a team from the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI) supported by National Science Foundation awards ACI-1148453 and ACI-1148090 (2012-2017) and OAC-1664061, OAC-1664018, and OAC-1664119 (2017-2021).

Why use HydroShare?

Save and share your data online to get feedback from other people

  • HydroShare provides the ability to upload and store your data and associated metadata online. Users can control viewing and access permissions, and viewers can add comments and ratings to the shared data and models. This helps users connect with the data user community and receive constructive feedback about their work.

Formally publish your data and models to obtain a citable Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and get credit for your data and models

  • Data and models uploaded into HydroShare are assigned citation information. Users may formally publish and obtain a permanent citable Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for resources in HydroShare. Once formally published, resources are permanent and may no longer be edited or changed so as to support reproducibility of results based on their use.

Easily access hydrologic data and models

  • HydroShare provides discovery functions to help users find data and models. The data and models are from a wide range of HydroShare users.

Collaborate with other people for hydrological research

  • HydroShare provides communication features similar to social media platforms to enhance collaborations for hydrologic research. Users are able to create or join groups with common research interests. Ratings and comments on data provide useful feedback. Sharing and privacy controls within HydroShare, enable researchers to keep their data private or make their data available to only designated users and groups. These controls enable researchers to retain data privacy while publications are still under review, but then easily publish the data when the associated paper is published.

Use the following pages to get started

HydroShare Apps

Use apps to operate on your data and models and access community data sets including those from NASA, EPA, NOAA, and more. The following links direct to HydroShare resources with documents to download. These documents provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the following apps: