Making Resources Public

NOTE: Before you can share your resource, at a minimum you need to create an abstract and assign keywords to your resource. You should also make sure you have a descriptive title. It’s worth taking a few minutes to write a good abstract and assign appropriate keywords. Both are used for data discovery in HydroShare, and a descriptive abstract will help other users understand your data. You should also consider completing the full metadata description of your resource including authors, contributors, coverage, references, etc.

You can share resources using global settings for the resource or you can share with individual HydroShare users or Groups. To globally share a resource, navigate to its landing page, and click on the sharing icon in the top right of the page.

What happens when I check the Shareable check box?

This allows any user who has been given access to the resource to share the resource with other users. A user’s ability to share a resource is limited by the permissions the resource owner gives to each user (e.g., regarding the image below, If Liza makes her resource ‘shareable’ and gives Christina ‘View’ permissions, Christina can grant other users permission to ‘View’ Liza's resource).

Public – anyone in HydroShare can discover and access the resource
Discoverable – anyone in HydroShare can discover the resource, but only users with permission can access the content files.
Private – Only HydroShare users with specific permission can discover and access the resource.