Communities: Discover, Join, and Share

Find Communities

To discover HydroShare communities, click on “Collaborate” on the header at the top of the page. “Communities” is located below “Groups” on the main Collaborate page.

Click the communities icon to navigate to the Find Communities page. From this page users can also request the creation of new communities. 

My Communities

On the my communities page, users can request the creation of new communities, view which communities they are members of, and view pending requests for new communities.

If you wish to cancel a request for a community, this action can be taken under the pending requests heading, by clicking the orange button “cancel request”. 

Requesting a New Community

New community requests can be submitted either on the Find Communities page or the My Communities page. 

  1. Navigate to either the Find Communities page or the My Communities page
  2. Click the green button directly under the page header that contains the text “+Request New Community”
  3. A green button containing the text "Request a new Community" The ensuing pop up will contain 5 fields, two of which are mandatory and marked by an asterisk *: 
    1. Community Name * 79 characters or less
    2. Community Contact Email
    3. Community URL
    4. Purpose 300 characters or less
    5. About this Community *
  4. Once these fields have been filled out, select the button containing the text “Submit community request” or the gray “Cancel” button to exit the pop-up without submitting. 
  5. Once submitted, requests can be edited on the My Communities page by clicking the title of the requested community. Requests can be canceled by clicking the button containing the text “Cancel Request”

a header with a paper airplane icon next to it that reads "Pending Requests". Below this, a box that contains the text "Example community" in blue signaling a hyperlink, and date time information "03/07/2023. 18:43:52" the time of request creation. Below this an orange button containing the text "Cancel Request"

Landing Pages

Each community's landing page displays information about the community and provides access to community resources. The page includes: 

  1. Public Resources listing - shows public and discoverable resources shared with the community and allows for searching resources with keywords.
  2. Shared By list - shows the community member groups and allows for quick filtering of resources by group.

Any user can access the landing page and all public resources shared with the member groups.

NOTE: Communities and groups do not own any resources in HydroShare. Only individual users may own resources. Resources may be shared with a group and a community, but ownership is retained by the user. To make a resource visible in the Community view, the resource must be public and shared with a Group that is a member of that Community.


The members of a community consist of different groups. A community is, in essence, a group of groups. To request that your group be added to a community, navigate to the group landing page and locate the Resources and Groups tabs on the left of the page. Select the Groups tab. If your group is not already a member, a box containing the following text will appear: 

“Have a HydroShare group you want to add to this community? Click the button below to request that your group be added.” 

Followed by a button containing the text “Ask to Join a Community”.

 A blue square containing the text in the above paragraph, and a button that says "Ask to join a community"

In the ensuing pop up will be the text: 

Your request to join a Community will be sent to the owner(s) of the Community. Community owner(s) can decide which Groups can join their Community.”

Followed by a drop down menu containing the groups you are a part of. Select the group you wish to add, and click the green “Send Request” button to submit your request.