Editing or Deleting a Resource

Editing Permission

To edit a resource, you must first have editing rights for that resource. To check if you have editing rights to a resource, navigate to the resource landing page and look for a pencil icon in the top right corner. If you do not see a pencil icon, this indicates that you do not have editing rights to the resource. Click here to learn about managing access to a resource. 


Once you have gained editing rights, click on the pencil icon at the top right corner of a resource landing page. You may modify the content files or the metadata description of a resource, including the Title, Abstract, Subject, License, Authors, Contributors, Source, Relations, Resource Specifics, and Additional Metadata. If you edit the author or title of a resource, the citation will dynamically adjust. The metadata fields for each resource type vary. To learn about how to edit metadata for a specific resource type, navigate to the Resource Types page.


If you have resources that you no longer need, or if you made a mistake in creating a resource, you can click on the "Delete" button on the resource's landing page to delete the resource. To delete a resource that has been formally published contact help@cuahsi.org

Editing Formally Published Resources

While some metadata edits are allowed for formally published resources, you will not be able to edit the authors, title, or content files of formally published resources. As an archival system, HydroShare ensures the integrity of published content by ensuring that it is immutable and cannot change once it has been formally published and a DOI has been assigned. Additionally, changes to authors and title are not allowed for published resources to ensure that the citation for a published resource does not change once it has been published.