Quota is the amount of storage space that a user has for content upload. The automatic quota allocation upon account creation is 20 gigabytes. Users can track their quota in their profile page, and if needed, request reasonable quota increase. Requests for quota increase will need to be explained, and users can indicate how much additional storage they need. Requests can be quite short and all reasonable requests will be approved subject to system capacity limitations. These requests will be promptly reviewed by a member of the HydroShare team, but if you wish to withdraw your request, you can do so in the same location you submitted it, on your profile page. 

Once a user has reached their quota, they will be unable to create new resources or upload files to existing resources until either more storage is allocated or some storage has been emptied. Published resources will be subtracted from user quotas. In a coming release, once a resource is published, the amount of storage equivalent to the size of the published resource will be emptied from the user's storage and be free for use. This does not mean resources will be deleted, simply that CUAHSI will assume the burden of storage for published resources. 

Large requests for space may lead to negotiation over an appropriate contribution towards the costs of providing the space requested, or configuration of capability for use of space at your own institution's server for your HydroShare resources.