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Go to to discover data and models shared by others, to create an account to archive and disseminate your content, and to join or create a group to collaborate with others.

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Open Source Code

HydroShare is being developed using a combination of Python, Django, iRODS, Jupyter, Tethys and other technologies.  HydroShare code development is being managed using GitHub  If you want to participate in code development join GitHub and email us ( to request access to the code repository.  We are happy to consider code contributions from anyone but will generally ask you to demonstrate your coding ability and discuss your plans with us before giving you commit access to the GitHub repository.  You are of course free to use the code from GitHub according to the terms of the New BSD-3-Clause Open Source license.

Join our team

The development team uses the email  listserves team at (for everyone interested) and dev at (for development details).  If you wish to participate in team activities email us (, to let us know how you would like to participate.