CUAHSI Single Sign-On

CUAHSI is in the process of migrating to single sign-on and an integration with ORCID. This will allow users to maintain one set of credentials between ORCID and HydroShare. In future implementations, other CUAHSI data services will also be integrated with single sign-on. 

Do I have to link my account to an ORCID?

No, users can maintain a set of credentials that are not affiliated with an ORCID, and use those credentials for CUAHSI single sign-on. 

Should I Link my Account to ORCID?

If you have an ORCID, we recommend linking your CUAHSI single sign-on to ORCID. This will mean that you always log into CUAHSI single sign on with your ORCID credentials. 

How will this impact my API password?

If you choose to link your account to ORCID, your API password will remain unchanged for 6 months after the launch of CUAHSi single sign on, it will be the same as your pre-account link password. After this period expires, it will automatically update to your ORCID password. If you want to pre-emptively change your API password, go to your HydroShare profile and select the pencil icon in the top right to edit your profile. On the left side under the profile picture icon is the option to change your API password. 

Will this affect my access to other services? 

No, Linking your accounts will not affect your ability to use any other CUAHSI services, such as CUAHSI Jupyterhub or MATLAB Online. 

The following services will ultimately use CUAHSI single Sign-on Credentials:

  • HydroShare
  • CUAHSI Compute, JupyterHub, MATLAB Online
  • Hydrologic Information Systems (HIS)