Uploading Data and Models

To upload data in HydroShare, you must create a "resource." Resource refers to the content you upload and publish. To create a new resource, sign into your account, click on the Create button in the top navigation menu, select from the Create dropdown menu, provide a title for the resource, and click Create. Once your resource has been created, you will be taken to the resource’s landing page. On this page, you can modify your resource’s metadata (e.g., add an abstract, keywords, funding agency credits, authors, contributors, etc.) and also modify the content files for your resource. To edit your resource, click the pencil icon at the top of the page.  If you want to delete a resource, you can click the trashcan icon at the top right of the page. On the resource creation page, you can select a resource type, specify a title for your resource, and choose the files you want to upload. You can modify the title and the files but you cannot change the resource type after creating the resource. 


What is a Resource?

HydroShare uses the term “resource” to describe the data and their associated metadata as one single unit of digital content­. Other websites may use the terms, “package”, “item”, “data” as synonymous to resource. A resource provides the ability to group together multiple files of different types in one resource. Read about this here.