Commenting On and Rating a Resource

Rate Resources

Sign in to comment on and rate resources by navigating to a resource landing page, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and clicking Rating or New Comment. To provide a positive rating on the resource, click on the "+1" under Ratings. 

Text reads "+1 Votes: Be the first to +1 this." the +1 is a green button.

Text reads: "+1 votes: You +1 this" with a button that says "Withdraw +1"

Add a New Comment

To comment, write in the New Comment box and click Comment to post it.

Subheader reads "Comments: There are currently no comments". Below another subheader reads: "New comment", above a comment box and a button that says "comment".

Why comment on and rate a resource?

Comments and ratings are intended to provide helpful information to other HydroShare users that may want to download and use the resource data. Users can describe how they may have used the data in their research or ask the author of the resource something about the data.