Accessing and Downloading Data and Models

Navigating to  a Resource Landing Page

A resource in HydroShare has a landing page that contains the associated metadata and functionality for downloading the data and model content. You can navigate to a resource landing page several ways:

  1. My Resources: By clicking on one of the resources on your My Resources page. My Resources only shows resources that you have created, added, or that other users have shared with you. You can use the filter options on My Resources to filter by resources owned by you, shared with you, added by you, favorites, and/or recently updated.
  2. Discover Page: By clicking on resources that you have found using the HydroShare Discover page. Clicking on a resource will open the resource landing page in a new tab. You can page through the resources displayed in the list using the forward and backward arrows, or type a page of interest directly into the page number box to jump to a specific page.
  3. Direct Link: By clicking on a direct link or citation to a resource in HydroShare. Every HydroShare resource is given a unique URL and when published a unique DOI.

Remember that not all resources on HydroShare are viewable to you. You may view resources that either you are the owner of or that are Public, Discoverable, or that have been Shared directly to you or to a group you are a member of.

Downloading Data

First, navigate to a resource landing page. On the resource landing page you will find the resource's full metadata description and the content files. You can download the resource content by scrolling down on the landing page until you see the Content section. 

The Contents section of a resource, header says "Contents". There are four files present. From left to right the files are a csv titled "site description", a folder titled "raw temp data", a txt file titled "read me" and a csv file titled"Daily temperature Metrics By S".

To download all the resource files, Select all files and click on the "Download." You can use the same method to download individual files. A single file can also be downloaded by double clicking on the file icon. 

The toolbox icon will allow you to download all of the contents as a zipped bagit archive.