HydroShare on Jupyter

HydroShare on Jupyter allows users to make changes to content in HydroShare resources from CUAHSI JupyterHub and then update the file in the resource without reuploading and replacing the item manually. Another version of this documentation is available here


HydroShare on Jupyter Operates within CUAHSI Jupyterhub and will appear as a tab the way a notebook would. All of the resources for which you have edit access will be visible when you log in through your HydroShare account. Default sorting of these resources is by title, but the sorting method can be changed by clicking the word “Title” (shown below) which is in gray font in the top right corner of the page. This will open a drop down menu that will offer the sorting options:

Title, Creator, Date Created, Date Last Modified

The upward arrow next to the sorting options allows you to reverse the sort you have selected. If you have selected to sort by title, the default sorting will be alphabetic starting with ‘a’, if you press the arrow button, the sort will reverse and begin with ‘z’.

The circular arrow refreshes the resources list view.

On the left there are selectable checkboxes. You can select just one resource, several resources, or by checking the box next to the ‘Title’ header, you can select all resources. When a resource is selected, a blue downward arrow in a circle will appear in the bottom right of the screen. This is the download button, clicking it will download whatever resources you have selected to your local computer. 

Editing a resource

Double click the title of any resource to open it in a new Jupyterhub tab. All of the contents of the resource will appear in the list view. To open an item from this list, double click the title, and make any needed edits to it. You will be able to save these changes back to HydroShare

Along the top right of this list view you will have access to the following toolbar:

A toolbar that contains the buttons "Actions", "Upload Files", "Download Files", "Open in HydroShare", and then an Icon for list view and grid view, and then an "Options" drop down.

The “Actions” drop down contains the options “clear selection”, “open selection”, and “select all”. 

The Upload files button  will upload your selected item to HydroShare, putting in place any edits you have made to the item. 

The Download files button will download files from HydroShare, overwriting any changes you have made to the document locally. Open on HydroShare will open the resource on HydroShare. 

The Options button will give you expanded sorting options for the items in the list. 

Important: HS on Juptyer WILL NOT warn you that your changes will be overwritten by a download. 

Depending on the state of the item, each item in the list will have one of four icons next to it.

HS icon Indicates that the file is on HydroShare and has not been downloaded locally.

Laptop shaped icon The computer icon indicates that a file is only on the local filesystem and not on HydroShare.

two cycling arrows iconThe cycling arrows icon indicates that a file is in-sync with HydroShare, meaning it is the same both locally and on HydroShare.

two arrow cycling with a strikethrough iconThe cycling arrows with a strikethrough icon indicates that a file is out-of-sync with HydroShare, meaning the file is on HydroShare but differs from the local version.

Note: The color of the icon does not have meaning in relation to the status of the resource.