Resource Ownership

A resource in HydroShare may have multiple owners, each of whom has full control to do anything with the resource.  One owner of a resource is the “quota holder”. This is the user against whose quota the resource is counted in managing storage. The user that  creates a resource is first set as the owner and the quota holder.

  • Additional owners may be added, or owners removed using managing access controls. You may not however remove the quota holder from ownership.  If you want to remove ownership for the quota holder, the quota holder needs to be changed first.
  • When a resource has multiple owners, the quota holder owner can transfer quota holder to any other owner. To change the quota holder, navigate to a  resource landing page, go into editing mode, and click Change quota holder under the Storage field.  Only an owner of a resource can be the quota holder of the resource.
  • The owners and the quota holder of the resource are displayed on the resource landing page.