Time Series SQLite database storage

SQLite files are self-contained, relational databases that do not require a server. SQLite files are cross platform compatible and can be read using a variety of software and programming languages. Using SQLite for time series data in HydroShare offers an efficient way to store multiple time series together in the same file while ensuring consistent metadata. It also enables extraction of subsets of data by executing queries using Structured Query Language (SQL). The following software programs can read and interact with SQLite database files:

  • DB Browser for SQLite - A visual graphical user interface and open source software tool for creating, designing, viewing and editing SQLite database files. DBBrowser includes simple data visualization/plotting tools.
  • SQLite3 - A Python package application programmer’s interface for SQLite. Use this package to access SQLite databases from Python code.
  • RSQLite - An R package for accessing and managing SQLite databases from the R statistical computing environment.