Single File

HydroShare resources may consist of various types of files that are logically grouped together. Single files in a resource may have content level metadata added to them, which creates a single file content type. Only files that are not participating in another content type aggregation can be converted to the single file content type. 

Metadata associated with single files can include:

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Temporal and spatial coverage
  • Extended metadata - key and value pairs where the key defines the metadata element name and the value is the content of that element.

When a single file aggregation is downloaded, two additional files are included (<filename>_meta.xml and <filename>_resmap.xml) where <filename> is the name of the file to which metadata have been added. These additional files contain the content type metadata. 


A resource contains the text file “GSL_south_arm.txt”.

Right click and select “Add metadata”. 

This file is now a single file content aggregation with content level metadata. In the panel on the right, you can add metadata specific to the file, such as Title, Keywords and Coverage Information. When editing metadata, be sure to click the button to “Save changes”.

It is possible to set the resource level spatial and temporal coverage to match content level metadata. The “Set Spatial coverage from content files” button (available in edit mode) propagates the file level spatial coverage up to the resource container. Doing so will set the resource level coverage to a superset of all of the content within the resource - i.e., for spatial coverage it will be set to a bounding box that contains the extent of all of the content files within the resource.