Viewing and Downloading a Resource

Each resource in HydroShare has its own landing page that displays the resource's metadata and its content files. You can access the landing page for a resource in several ways:

  1. By clicking on one of the resources on your "My Resources" page. "My Resources" only shows resources that you have created or that other users have shared with you
  2. By clicking on resources that you have discovered using HydroShare's search features
  3. By clicking on a direct link or citation to a resource in HydroShare.

Regardless of how you access a resource's landing page, on it you will find the resource's full metadata description and it's content files. You can download the content of the files by scrolling down on the resource's landing page until you see the Content section. 

The following toolbar will be available at the top of the resource content section:

Downloads toolbar showing 5 icons, a two link chain, a downward arrow in a circle, an iR icon, and a toolbox, and a "Learn More" button

To get a copy of the file URL click the small chain icon small chain icon.

To download individual resource files by clicking to highlight them in the Content section and clicking on the downward arrow icondownward arrow in a circle .

To download a file zipped, select the file and click the downward arrowdownward arrow over a blue line.

To copy the contents to your iRods user zone, select the iR icon blue iR icon.

To download all of the resource files click on the toolbox icon to download all content as zipped bagit archiveblue toolbox icon.

The BagIt File Format

BagIt is a set of hierarchical file layout conventions designed to support storage and transfer of arbitrary digital content. A BagIt "bag" consists of a directory containing the payload files (the content files of your HydroShare resource) and other accompanying metadata files known as "tag" files. The "tag" files are metadata files intended to facilitate and document the storage and transfer of the bag. BagIt is widely used for preserving digital assets originating from different domains. You can find more information at and

BagIt "bags" are zipped to facilitate transfer over the Internet. When you download the zipped “bag” file for a HydroShare resource, you can unzip it to access its contents. Within the directory that is created when you unzip the “bag,” you will find a readme.txt file that describes the structure of the bag.