Searching for Data and Models, the Discover Page

The Discover page in HydroShare has been designed for you to find public (completely open) and discoverable (only metadata open) resources in HydroShare. You do not need a HydroShare account to use the Discover page. To navigate to the page, click on ‘Discover’ in the header of any HydroShare page.

Search Capabilities

The discover page, with the header "Discover public resources shared with the community". At the top of the page, a button labeled "show map" is circled. Below this is the free text search bar. The search result table occupies the center of the page. On it there is a header bar with sorting options. The options are: title, first author, date created, and last modified. There are 5 resources listed in the table. On the left side of the page are the expandable filter boxes: temporal coverage,  author filter, owner filter, subject filter, contributor filter, type filter, and availability filter.

  • Search by Spatial Coverage

At the top of the discover page, there is a button that says “Show Map”. To visually search for data associated with a geographic location, click the “Show Map” button. Circles will appear where data is available. Click the data to access it. 

 Header that says "Discover public resources shared with the community". Below is a button that says "Show Map"

A map showing part of Utah and Wyoming, with two yellow circles indicating data clusters to the left of the Great Salt Lake. The Northernmost circle contains the number 12, indicating that it contains 12 datasets, and the southernmost circle contains the number 28. There is an option at the top left of the map to view the map in satellite or map view.

blue circle iconClicking a cluster icon zooms to the extent of the markers within the cluster so they can be viewed individually.

Red point iconClicking an individual marker icon allows you to retrieve the resource title.  Click the resource title to browse to the resource. To stop viewing the map click the “Hide Map” button.

Free text search

  • Type any term into the search box to find resources with matching metadata. Adding multiple terms will find resources containing all terms. Using the free text search also drives the filter options available.

Apply filters options 

  • Search by the date range

Narrow the date range to search for resources with temporal coverage that overlaps the range input. If you specify a temporal coverage range, the search will return only resources that have temporal coverage specified. Click into the start date text box to bring up the calendar.

filter box titled "temporal coverage filter", with a calendar drop down for date selection.

Apply Filter and Sorting Options

Use the Filter categories to filter by Author, Owner, Subject, Contributor, Type, and Availability. The list view can also be sorted by Title (alphabetical), First Author (alphabetical by last name), Date Created, and Date Modified.

Resource Listing

Use the arrows in the table header to sort each column ascending and descending.

the table header sorting options. The bar includes the fields "Title", "First Author", "Date Created", and "Last Modified"

Indicator Icons

Each resource listing shows icons sharing status, and the availability of geographic coordinates.

Available metadata fields

Each resource listing shows the Title, First Author, Date Created and Date Modified field. 

Additional metadata:

Hover over the resource title to see a preview of the resource abstract.

Hover over the resource author to see a complete list of the Authors, Owners, and Contributors associated with the resource. 

Hover over the Date Created or Last Modified fields to show the time stamp.

  • Add a Resource to Your “My Resources” Page

    If you find a resource on the Discover page that you would like to access again without searching for it, you can click on the title for that resource to visit the landing page for the resource and then use the “Add to my resources” icon that appears at the top right of the resource’s landing page, pictured below. Once you have clicked the icon, it will turn green to indicate that the resource will now appear in your My Resources list. 

    Screencapture, two icons below the "Open with" dropdown button. Circled on the left a small file tray icon indicating the "add to my resources" function, on the right an icon of two sheets of paper indicating the copy a resource function.

    Copy a Resource

    If you discover a resource that you want to make a copy of, which may include resources that you or other HydroShare users created, click on the title for that resource on the Discover page to visit the landing page for that resource and select the “Copy this resource” icon, pictured below.

    Screencapture, two icons below the "Open with" dropdown button. On the left is a small file tray icon indicating the "add to my resources" function. Circled on the right an icon of two sheets of paper indicating the copy a resource function.

    You will then be prompted to accept the license agreement for the resource you are copying. Once you accept the license, a complete copy of the resource will be created, including the content files for the resource. The copy will then appear in your resources list on your My Resources page.