Benefits of Storing and Publishing Data in HydroShare

HydroShare provides the ability to upload and store your data and corresponding metadata online. Data can either remain unpublished and retain a consistent URL, or data can be formally published and receive a digital object identifier (DOI). HydroShare is dedicated to making sure your data remains available in perpetuity. 


Some of the benefits of storing and/or formally publishing your data with in HydroShare include:

  • Data discoverability: data will have a dedicated landing page, and can be found in a domain-specific repository among hundreds of other data sources and through Google Database Search.
  • Data access control: keep data private, limit sharing to select colleagues, or make data publicly available.
  • Collaborate with Others: create or join groups with common research interests and easily share data in HydroShare. Contact other contributors to ask questions about data. 
  • Access free tools developed by CUAHSI and the hydrologic community for managing and analyzing data. 
  • Cite Data Easily: at the completion of your project, you can formally publish your data by obtaining a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  • Increased project sustainability: CUAHSI staff provide assistance and long-term infrastructure support, including regular back-ups.
  • Quota: Publihsed resources do not count toward quota consumption, once a resource is published, an amount of storage equivalent to the size of the resource is subtracted from the quota holder's consumed storage.