Group Membership

HydroShare groups have two main membership roles:

Owner:  Group Owners have all permissions over a group, including the following:

    1. Edit a group’s description

    2. Make a group public, discoverable, or private

    3. Deactivate a group

    4. Invite HydroShare users to be members of the group

    5. Manage group members’ roles (e.g., promote and demote from Owner to Member, etc. or even remove a member from the group)

    6. All permissions available to a Member

Member:  Members of a group can do the following

    1. View the group landing page

    2. View the group overview and recent activity

    3. View the group memberships

    4. View and access the list of resources shared with the group

    5. Share resources with the group

NOTE: Any HydroShare user can share a resource with a group that is Public or Discoverable. Only HydroShare users that are members of a private group may share resources with that group.