Group Landing Page

This landing page displays the Group’s title, purpose, and description. It provides two main sets of functionality: 

  1. Resources - shows resources shared with the group and provides functionality for filtering the resource list, similar to what is available on the “My Resources” page.
  2. Members - shows the list of group members, their group role, and provides a Invite People link to invite new members to the group. Each member name directly links to their member profile page.

Any HydroShare user can access the landing page to see the group title, purpose and description for a discoverable or public group. Unless membership is established, non-member users will not be able to see the overview, resources, or members information. Only logged in users can request joining a group.

NOTE: Groups do not own any resources in HydroShare. Only individual users may own resources. Resources may be shared with a group, but ownership is retained by the user.