Time Series Analysis from a Time Series Resource

HydroShare uses SQLite files in a schema derived from Version 2.0 of the Observations Data Model (ODM2) to hold time series data in the time series resource type. The self describing “Time Series Analysis from a Time Series Resource” notebook demonstrates basic time series data analysis using scientific Python libraries such as NumPY. It uses water temperature data that is stored in a HydroShare TimeSeries resource to derive daily aggregated values and store the results in a new HydroShare resource.

You can access this notebook by first opening the Jupyter Python Notebook from the Apps library https://apps.hydroshare.org/apps/ or from the “Open with …” button in a HydroShare resource.  This second mode is preferable when you open it from a time series type resource so that the app has access to the resource contents.

Then click on Basic Time Series Analysis - TimeSeriesResource example in the notebook.

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Tony Castronova acastronova@cuahsi.org