Web App

A Web App resource is a shortcut (or reference) to an external web application that functions with HydroShare data resources. A Web App can be a simple webpage, a resource viewer, a data editor, or a complex scientific model. Third-party web applications can access HydroShare data resources using the HydroShare REST API, link to specific HydroShare resource types, and be made discoverable within HydroShare by registration as a Web App resource.

In most cases, an app will have been programmed to expect certain parameters in its App URL, which sends the app HydroShare resources to retrieve and process. HydroShare provides predefined API parameters have been set to achieve this. When a user launches the Web App from a resource landing page, the REST API dynamically updates the URL at run-time, offering greater flexibility when customizing App URLs. Click here to browse an example of a Web App resource.