Understanding why the SQLite file differs from what is shown on the resource’s landing page

When you first upload data from a CSV file into a Time Series resource, HydroShare doesn’t have enough metadata information to write the data to the SQLite file. It will create a blank SQLite file, but will not copy the data from your CSV file into the SQLite file until you create the metadata description for your resource and the Time Series inside it.

Additionally, any time you use the HydroShare edit functions on a Time Series resource’s landing page to modify the metadata description for a Time Series, you will need to make sure the changes that you have made get written to the SQLite file that stores your Time Series data. This is true of resource level metadata changes like modifications to the title or abstract of your resource or any changes you make to the description of any of the individual Time Series in your resource (e.g., changes to the site, variable, method or other descriptive information about a particular Time Series).

See the Editing Metadata for a Time Series Resource section for a description of how to make sure the SQLite file gets updated when you add or edit the metadata in a Time Series Resource.