Editing Metadata for a Time Series Resource

If you uploaded an ODM2 SQLite file, HydroShare will automatically parse the file and extract as much metadata as it can automatically for display on the resource’s landing page. However, CSV files that you upload will not have a lot of the descriptive metadata in them that is needed to describe the individual time series in your resource. Click here to learn how to edit metadata for a resource.

Once you have specified the minimum metadata elements for your Time Series, you will see a message indicating that you have met the minimum metadata requirements. But, you will also see a button that pops up at the top of the “Resource Specific” metadata tab stating that your SQLite file needs to be synced with your metadata changes. Make sure to click that button, which will write all of the metadata you just created to the SQLite file that stores your data in HydroShare.

NOTE: Any time you modify the metadata for a Time Series resource, you need to navigate to the “Resource Specific” metadata tab on the resource landing page in Edit Mode and click the “Update SQLite File” button to make sure that all of the metadata changes you have made get synchronized to the SQLite file.