Combining several time series into one Time Series resource

An individual Time Series resource does not have a limit to the number of time series it can contain. Each times series within the resource will have it’s own metadata description. This functionality can be useful if you want to package multiple time series together in a single resource. For example:

  • All of the time series for a particular variable within your research watershed across all sites
  • All of the time series for all variables measured at a single site
  • All of the time series output by a particular model run or instance

It is important to know that although a Time Series resource can handle many time series, it can only handle a single CSV file. If you want to have multiple time series in a single resource, you can either upload an ODM2 SQLite file that contains all of the time series or you can create a single CSV file for upload. You can only upload one CSV file to a time series resource, so your CSV file should have one column with time stamps and then one column for each of your time series (see the section about file types that can be uploaded).

Like all other resource types in HydroShare, Time Series resources have metadata that describe the whole resource (e.g., title, abstract, citation, etc.). Time Series resources also have specific metadata that describe each of the individual time series that they contain (e.g., site, variable, method, units, etc.). You can view the resource level metadata on the landing page for a Time Series resource. You can view the individual time series metadata description on the “Resource Specific” metadata tab on the resource landing page: