Add or Edit Metadata in HydroShare

Learn how to add or edit metadata for any resource here. If the NetCDF file is defined by following the CF or ACDD conventions, HydroShare will retrieve the metadata from the NetCDF file and automatically populate the resource metadata. The screenshot below shows an example of the Resource Specific metadata that is automatically retrieved from the NetCDF file.

The table below displays the mapping of terms between the HydroShare resource-level metadata terms and the NetCDF conventions metadata terms.


Resource-level metadata terms

NetCDF conventions metadata terms

creator: name

creator_name (ACDD)

creator: url

creator_url (ACDD)

creator: email

creator_emal (ACDD)

contributor: name

contributor_name (ACDD)

coverage (temporal): start

time_coverage_start (ACDD)

coverage (temporal): end

time_coverage_end (ACDD)

coverage (spatial): north latitude

geospatial_lat_max (ACDD)

coverage (spatial): south latitude

geospatial_lat_min (ACDD)

coverage (spatial): east longitude

geospatial_lon_max (ACDD)

coverage (spatial): west longitude

geospatial_lon_min (ACDD)


summary (ACDD)

relation: cites

references (ACDD)


license (ACDD)


source (CF)


keywords (ACDD)


title (ACDD)

Variable: unit

unit (CF)

Variable: long name

long_name (CF)

Variable: missing value

missing_value (CF)

Variable: comment

comment (CF)

Spatial Reference: coordinate reference system

grid_mapping_name (CF)

Spatial Reference: Coordinate String, Coordinate String Type, Datum

attributes for grid mapping variable (CF)