Editing Metadata for a Model Instance Resource

After creating a Model Instance resource, you should fill out the metadata on the resource landing page. The metadata fields for a Model Instance Resource are different than those for other resource types. See below on editing metadata for a model program resource.

1. Select “Resource specific” tab which includes the specific metadata for the created resource. For the Model Instance resource there are two more metadata terms which are ModelOutput and ExecutedBy. For the ModelOutput term, if the uploaded files include the output files select “Yes” otherwise select “No.”

2. For the ExecutedBy term, select the Model Program that is used to execute the Model Instance resource from the drop list under “Model name”.

3. Once the Model Program is selected, some related metadata appear to verify that you select the correct Model Program. Click “Save changes” to save the selected Model Program resource.

4. There are two places for the resource specific metadata terms:

  • The first place is through the “Resource Specific” landing page.

  • The second place is located in downloaded resource content package in the file called “resourcemetadata.xml”