Single File

Any file may have additional metadata added to it in HydroShare.  When this is done, the file becomes a single file content type or formally a single file aggregation.  Metadata is displayed in the metadata panel. 

Single file metadata may include

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Extended metadata (key and value pairs)
  • Temporal and spatial coverage

When a single file aggregation is downloaded zipped two additional files are also included filename_meta.xml and filename_resmap.xml.  These hold the content type metadata.


A text file GSL_south_arm.txt has been added to a resource.

Conversion of this to Single File content type is by right clicking and selecting Add metadata.


This now appears in HydroShare as Single File Content, a single file with file specific metadata.

In the panel on the right you may add metadata specific to the file, such as Title, Keywords and Coverage Information

At the resource level, Set Spatial coverage from content files, propagates the file level spatial coverage up to the resource.