Geographic Feature

A Geographic Feature resource is a set of point, line, or polygon features stored in ESRI Shapefile format comprised of the multiple physical files that make up a logical shapefile. There are a minimum of three component files required for a shapefile: .dbf, .shp, .shx. Other shapefile component files (.cpg, .prj, .sbn, .sbx, .xml, .fbn, .fbx, .ain, .aih, .atx, .ixs, .mxs) may also be present and should be added to HydroShare where available. Each of these files stores a different type of data such as the vectors, projection information, attribute data, and metadata. For more information, visit ESRI’s Shapefile documentation.


Seven files comprising a Geographic Shapefile are added to a Composite Resource by dragging into the content area

HydroShare recognizes these as a shapefile and automatically converts them into Geographic Feature Content stored in a folder depicted using a geographic feature symbol.  Metadata is read and set from the shapefile.

When the content aggregation is selected, metadata is displayed in the pane to the right, and in edit mode can be edited.

The folder can be opened to see the member files