A collection resource is a resource that holds a list of other resources in HydroShare. Collections are intended to be a flexible and logical ways to combine resources associated with a specific purpose (e.g., a specific study, site, or experiment). HydroShare does not impose restrictions on the purpose for which resources may be placed in a collection or on the number, types, publication status or permissions settings associated with resources in a collection. Click here to browse an example of a Collection resource.

How do I enable or disable other users’ ability to add my resource to a Collection?

If you do not want your resource to be added to any Collection by any other user, you should uncheck the “shareable” checkbox under the Sharing Status for your resource. This will both limit the ability of other users to “re-share” your resource, and it will prevent other users from adding your resource to a Collection without your knowledge.

If you want to allow specific users to add your resource to Collections owned by those users, you should do two things:

  1. Give the user at least “View” permissions on the resource
  2. Check the box next to the “Shareable” attribute under “Sharing Status” on the resource’s landing page.