GABBs MultiSpec App

GABBs Multispec App allows HydroShare users to launch GABBs MultiSpec Tool for analysis and visualization of raster and netCDF resources from the resource landing page.

What can I do with this App?

MultiSpec is an online image processing tool that is hosted on MyGeoHub. It can be used to display and analyze geospatial data in various formats including geotiff, netcdf, hdf4, and hdf5. With this app, a user can upload some LANDSAT satellite data in HydroShare stored as HydroShare resources, and then launch MultiSpec tool from the resource landing page in HydroShare to visualize the data and perform data analysis such as cluster, principal components, or supervised classification.

Example Uses of the App

HydroShare GABBs MultiSpec App can either be opened directly from the HydroShare Apps Library Portal (, or from the “Open with...” dropdown on the landing page of associated HydroShare resources (Geographic Raster, Multidimensional NetCDF).

The following workflow can be used to upload spatial rasters and netCDF data files and use the GABBS MultiSpec tool to perform data analysis and visualization:

  1. Create a Geographic Raster resource or Multidimensional resource using spatial raster or netCDF data files in HydroShare.
  2. Open the GABBs MultiSpec App using “Open With” dropdown on the landing page of the resource or go to the Web Apps tab below the file browser on the resource landing page and click on the GABBs MultiSpec Online app.
  3. HydroShare web server then redirects the user to the OAuth login page of mygeohub GABBs MultiSpec online tool, and the user can choose “Login with HydroShare account” to get authenticated via OAuth into mygeohub GABBs MultiSpec tool which loads the resource data automatically ready for the user to do analysis and visualization in the MultiSpec tool environment.

App Output

No output from this App.

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Credits, Authors, Contributors and Contacts

This app was created by Hong Yi at the HydroShare team at Renaissance Computing Institute at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in collaboration with Rajesh Kalyanam, Lan Zhao, and Carol Song at Purdue University. The HydroShare Team, led by David Tarboton at Utah State University, also contributed in various stages of planning, discussion and testing to make the app what it is today.