EPA WATERS Services app

HydroShare EPA Waters Services Web App provides an user interface to explore National Hydrography Dataset Plus (NHDPlus) using web services provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Users can locate the nearest NHD flowline of a interest point and delineate associated watershed, upstream, and downstream.

What can I do with this App?

Users can identify specific locations or particular watershed outlets within the continental United States as points of interest. After points of interest have been identified, the EPA WATERS Web Service app comes with five analyses to delineate any of the following hydrologic variables: 1) watershed, 2) upstream mainstem, 3) upstream with tributaries, 4) downstream mainstream, or 5) downstream with divergences. Users can choose to export the results as KML files in Google Earth viewable format, or upload their data as new resources in Hydroshare.

App Output

Upon selecting the stream or location of interest, the app will identify the 1) Feature Name, 2) Reach Code, 3) Measure (percentage from the navigating point to the top of the flowline), and 4) HUC 12 code. The analysis would then produce the value for the variable of interest. Finally, users can download the output in the KML file format or upload the KML file to HydroShare as a new generic resource with the city of interest and the hydrologic variable as the associated metadata.

Examples Uses of the App

Use case of delineating Provo River Watershed and upstream

Step 1: Access EPA WATERS Services Web App, a popup window will show instructions of the app. https://apps.hydroshare.org/apps/watershed-delin/

Step 2: Fine Provo River and click it on the map or use search box on the left. Provo River will show up in blue color. The app will also return basic hydrology information about the selected NHD flowline, including feature name, reach code, measure, and HUC 12 code.

Step 3: Select “Delineate watershed ” from the "Select EPA WATERS Service" drop down list to run. The delineated watershed will be shown on map. The app also return basic information about the watershed, including watershed area and stream segments.

Step 4: Select “Upstream with tributaries ” from the "Select EPA WATERS Service" drop down list to run. The delineated upstream will be shown on map and the number of stream segments will be shown on the left.

Step 5: You can click the "Download Results" to save results as KML files that can be viewed in Google Earth or other KML enabled applications. You can also click the "Upload to HydroShare" to upload the results to HydroShare and creates a permanent HydroShare resource that can be directly retrieved and used later without having to re-run this app. The metadata is required and will be automatically filled out by the app, you can also modify them as you want.

After clicking the “Proceed” button, the uploading status will show up in the left bottom. A link to the landing page of the newly created HydroShare resource will be shown once the files are successfully uploaded.

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Dan Ames

Xiaohui Qiao

Note: This app uses the United States EPA WATERS Web and Database Services and only works for watersheds and drainages in the continental United States and Hawaii.